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Location - Most na Soči

The hearth of Soča valley, site of relaxation and positive energy in the land of living water

Most na Soči is located on a ridge between the confluence of the Soča and Idrijca river. In the past the river beds, cut deeply into the rocky slopes, provide the settlement with ample protection from intruders. The accumulation lake of the Doblar Water Power Plant has filled gorges with water and stretching below the settlement now attracts both fishermen and visitors who can stroll along signposted paths which are panoramic and none too demanding.

Exceptional archaeological finds - more than 7000 grave sites discovered so far - make the location among one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the world. Rich finds date from the late Bronze Age to the Roman period, most of them originating from the Iron Age community known as the Sveta Lucija Culture, after the town. The finds are on display in the museums of Vienna, Trieste and Gorizia and the nearest in Tolmin Museum. The restored and protected remains of a Roman house are located in Most. Another monument to the town's long history is the church of St Maurus, the first written record of which dates from 1192 another interesting site is a monument to the soldiers from the First World War at Postaja.

The birthplace of writer Ciril Kosmač is part of the Genius Loci European programme which connects birth places of famous artists: Giotto, Goya, Lorca, Novalis and Kosmač.

The entire cultural overview is excellent represented on the cultural and historical trail Čez most po modrost by special guide and by info point on the market.

Slovenia in Europe, map by LTO Sotočje
Most na Soči in Slovenia, map by LTO Sotočje

Distance to major cities

Most na Soči is a fine starting-point for visiting all beautiful sights and places in Slovenia and also the tourist spots in Italy, Austria and Croatia...

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Airport Ljubljana (Brnik)
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Airport Venezia (Marco Polo)
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Most na Soči 38
5216 Most na Soči

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